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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Binh's House_ New option has been released with liberal lines of hand sketch.

  As having some minor changes in function requirement and project schedule, this time,  I am going to propose a new option for Binh's House. And i hope it might be a nice and interesting option. You could see this change reflected in liberal lines of sketch, flexible interior layout and the shape of furniture also being not standardisation.
  To make this idea come into reality, I would have a lot of work ahead, such as draw it on computer with CAD programme, make many detail drawings with some technical issues as well as choose appropriate construction method. 

Exterior facade is also a modern style. I have put some curved lines in main elevation to make it look elegantly. Beside of that, an light lourve_screen is also being added to outside of bathroom window. This will help the user feel comfortable when using restroom with some personal activities.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Binh's House _ New option with modern style.

For continued design process of the previous post Binh's House , I would like to introduce a new concept that is showing a little bit more detail than the old one. You might recognize the difference and changing via the idea of perspective view and all plans were been draw by CAD programme. 
Exterior : 
I have decided to go with modern style, with some elegant color for this option.

Perspective View showing some material finishing.
Plans : 
It were been layout with showing more detail at this time. You could check those plans as below:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Binh's House

This house is located on Bien Hoa city, which is far from Ho Chi Minh city about 100 kilometer (or 0.8 mile). It will be constructed on a plot size of 5 meter in width and 13 meters in length.
When finished, the project will stand 2 storeys high, 01 living room, 02 bedrooms with nearly 100 square meters usable area.
At first, i have made a quick sketch to show a general idea.
Ground Floor : 
The house will set back 2.5 meters to create a front yard, that use for parking motobike and plan some tree along fence wall. I will place a living room, a kitchen and a small dinning room in this level. Open space would be a right choice, so that we can make space look like morden, keep interior fluency , and maximise the view from inside. A small rest_room will be spaced underneath staircase.
Ground Floor
First Floor:
Two bedroom and one bathroom will be placed on this level